Andrew's Bushtracker gets a power boost

with an RV Lithium System (RVLSA)

and a communications boost with a Nextivity Cel-Fi GO Stationery Pack

to keep business up and running in remote locations....











The Bushtracker came to us with four 120 Ah AGM batteries (240AH of usable energy) which were mounted over two separate compartments and weighed in at about 144kgs.

We replaced the AGMs with a 400Ah RV Lithium Systems Battery Pack, providing a whopping 320Ah's of usable energy and cut the caravan's weight by 89kgs!

The RVLSA HDPE battery box was custom made to fit in just the one compartment and with room still left over, in went a Redarc's latest BCDC 1240D Vehicle Charger and our RVLSA BCU200 BMV (Battery Control Unit).

Our BCU200 BMV features a 200A Load Control Circuit linked to the Victron BMV Battery Meter to turn off loads at 80% discharge but still allows the battery to charge through a separate 150A Charge Input.
Our BCU200 BMV also has separate inverter control to switch off the inverter and switch to Charge Only.

Our installation includes a Victron Multi Plus C 12 / 2000 / 80 Inverter Charger which has a 1600W Continuous / 4000W Peak Inverter Output plus an 80A Battery Charger with an internal AC Transfer Switch. The AC Transfer Switch allows automatic transfer from inverter power to grid power.

The Victron Inverter is also linked to a remote digital Multi Control Panel for easy monitoring of four existing 120W Solar Panels after we removed the old solar regulator and battery charger.

We also installed Victron's latest BMV712 Battery Meter featuring extra low current draw to previous models and inbuilt Bluetooth for conveniently reading the meter from Andrew's smart phone.

Finally we managed to include the Cel-Fi GO Stationery Pack (again in the same compartment as the RVLSA Battery Pack!).
This is the very latest in telecommunications for mobile phones and is Australia's only legal mobile repeater station. 
This particular job was carried out in a remote location where our mobile phones struggled to display 1 "bar" of reception strength but after installing the Cel-Fi GO and entering the van our reception was boosted to full!

Andrew can now keep in touch for business on the road by using a WiFi dongle with his Laptop and has the reassurance of 'back up reception' during internet outages at home.

If you have specific power needs on the road for work or pleasure,

please feel free to call Paul on 041 44 33 8 99 to discuss what we can do for you.


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