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August 2018

For some years now we have supported initiatives such as
“Create Ranger Parks” and “Country Needs People”,
which aims to create an extensive network of national parks,
managed by Indigenous Rangers in Western Australia. 

It’s one of those things that just makes perfect sense for the land, ecology,
for Indigenous people, their communities and tourism.  It’s a win at every turn.

So we were quite excited when asked to build an RV Lithium Battery and Solar System to power a work Trailer built by Wandering Star, for the Nyangumarta Warrarn Indigenous Rangers from Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community.

20180807_152448Nyangumarta Warrarn Rangers do really important work managing 28,420km2 of the Nyangumarta Warrarn Protected Area which extends 310km inland to the east through the Great Sandy Desert, from the coastline of the Indian Ocean at Eighty Mile Beach.

To read all about the wonderful work of these people, please click here to read their June 2018 Newsletter.

Another fantastic resource we found online is a publication of “Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Nyangumarta Warrarn Indigenous Protected Area”.  It describes the area including Eighty Mile Beach, the language and vegetation and traditional uses by Indigenous people, thanks to a list of contributors including Elders and the Nyangumarta Warrarn Rangers.  Please click here to have a look.

To assist the Nyangumarta Warrarn Rangers with their work, the trailer was built to carry equipment and resources.

To the trailer we installed:


We wish the Nyangumarta Warrarn Rangers all the very best in their endeavors and thank you for the fantastic work you do.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the new trailer and facilities!


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