October 2018

A coffee machine in the caravan?

Now you're talking!


Add a large upright compressor fridge, a portable fridge, microwave, lighting and pumps etc and you're asking for a fair amount of power...
..well, Bob was...so we fit out his Spinafex caravan with an RV Lithium System (RVLSA) up for the job.

Bob's caravan had an existing PL40 Solar Controller with remote display, a Victron Multiplus Inverter / Charger and we removed three existing 120Ah AGM batteries weighing 108kgs.

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In went our RVLSA 300Ah Lithium Battery Pack weighing in at a mere 43kgs, saving the caravan 65kgs and increasing the usable amp hours from 180 to 240!
That's equivalent to four 120Ah AGM batteries weighing 144kgs!

The Victron Multiplus Inverter / Charger is an older version, not ideally suited to charging Lithium Batteries, so we programmed the unit to function as an inverter alone and installed two Victron IP22 30A Chargers. 
These work perfectly in parallel to give 60A of charge capacity and were nice and compact to fit the space.

We also installed:
Our RVLSA Battery Control Unit (BCU200)

Redarc’s BCDC 1240D Vehicle and Solar Charger, including an upgrade to the Anderson Plug wiring

Victron’s BMV712 Smart Battery Monitor with in built Bluetooth, mounted in a panel to replace the PL40 display.  When paired to a Smart Phone, the Victron meter can be read conveniently and remotely on that device.

and A Solar Anderson Plug input for a Portable Solar Panel


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