The Lithium Box Range

The Lithium Box is a complete Portable Lithium Battery System

Please note we supply our RV Lithium System Batteries as part of a complete system
and do not supply them for individual sale.

The Lithium Box (TLB) can be moved to anywhere you have an Anderson Plug connection....your vehicle, solar panel, caravan or camper, whenever you like. 

Everything is contained in one neat, compact box made of durable 10mm High-Density Polyethylene with an easy mounting system for securing.

The Lithium Box is especially economical for people who change their Recreational Vehicle, and would otherwise say goodbye to their hard wired Lithium Battery System, only to incur the cost of purchasing another for their latest rig. 

The Lithium Box stays with you.

The Lithium Box is built using the same unique design as all our Lithium Systems, setting it apart from all else.   LEARN MORE



The Lithium Box is Made To Order and can be customised to suit
with your choice of Battery size, Accessory sockets, 240V Chargers
and Inverters to run home appliances​

The Lithium Box 100 Barista
The :ithium Box with 375VA Victron Inverter
Victron Blue Smart Charger
The Lithium Box 200 with 1200 VA Victron Inverter