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Our Lithium Systems
Made to Order.  Made in Australia.

Please note we supply our RV Lithium System Batteries as part of a complete system and do not supply for them individual sale.

  • 80-90% usable energy compared to Lead Acid which has only 50%
    For example, a 100Ah Lead Acid battery will run a 1 Amp light for
    50 hours, whilst our 100Ah RV Lithium System battery will run it for
    80-90 hours 


  • FOUR TIMES LIGHTER than Lead Acid batteries and a comparable system is much smaller in size.

  • Charge up to four times faster than Lead Acid system

  • Have an extremely high life cycle (approx 2000-5000 cycles) compared to Lead Acid which typically has 400-500 cycles, so much greater time periods elapse before needing to replace LiFePO4 batteries

  • Hold their voltage very high and stable, coping with large loads easily, so appliances work more efficiently

  • Our battery cells have been tested on a voluntary basis in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard 62619:2017 and comply
    with the essential requirements.


Measurement Services

Our Systems Can Be Customised To Suit

Our systems are made to order so we can customise to suit you

and your RV.

No custom system is the same, varying in size and shape to suit,
in 12 or 24 volt.

Master BCU

Master Battery Control Unit (BCU)

We build our batteries to the required size as one battery, employing one Battery Control Unit (BCU) to oversee. 

This sets our Systems apart by significantly reducing the risk of catastrophic battery damage caused by the failure of any one BCU in batteries run in parallel.


We design the BCU as a twin control unit, one with control over Charge and the other with control over Load.

This again sets RV Lithium Systems apart because Load is switched off when the Battery State Of Charge is too low, while still allowing the battery to receive a Charge.

Our Systems are Fully Serviceable

We can diagnose and fully service our RVLSA batteries, ensuring maximum life and reliability.

This is an important advantage.

Fully Sealed LiFePO4 batteries contain all their electronics and battery cells within a sealed box.
It can not be diagnosed or serviced unless returned to the manufacturer who may not even be able to open it.

When sealed batteries are charging and the Battery Control Units (BCU) are operating, heat is created which is trapped inside the battery casing.
This can result in “high temperature cut outs” which shuts the battery off when maximum operating temperatures are reached.

A sealed battery on a hot day or in an engine bay, coupled with heat created from within the battery can result in very lengthy periods without power while the battery waits for the heat to very slowly dissipate due to lack of venting.

Electrican's Tools

We test Battery Cell Health & Quality Prior To Installation

Only healthy, quality cells are used to build our batteries.

Cell health and quality is impossible to test on a sealed battery. 


Our RVLSA Battery Control Units are programmed to cut out at optimum voltage discharge to achieve maximum cycles.

To achieve maximum cycles (each time the battery charges and discharges), and therefore life from our Lithium Battery, our Battery Control Unit (BCU) does not allow the battery to discharge too low, causing damage to the cells. 

BCU's in most sealed Lithium batteries cut out at 10 volts which is too low to achieve maximum cycles.
In addition, a Lithium battery discharged to 10 volts should be ‘slow charged’ with a special Charger which means a regular ‘fast Charger’ is damaging the battery cells at this voltage, further reducing the life of the battery and your investment.

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