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A Power Move

With plans to tour Australia, Gavin's Easy Trail Sterling GT Mk3 Camper with two 100Ah AGM Batteries and a 280W portable solar panel wasn't keeping up with the large 90L fridge/freezer, lighting and accessory charging. Time to make a move.

Here's our solution...

  • Designed and built a custom 200Ah RV Lithium System (RVLSA) Battery Pack

  • Installed a Victron Smart Shunt Bluetooth Battery Monitor so Gavin can monitor the system from a smart device

  • Being a flip over camper with no fixed solar, we installed only one 30A Victron MPPT Smart Bluetooth Solar Controller and a new 50A yellow Anderson plug in an enclosure, on the side of the camper

  • Installed an RVLSA 600W DC to DC converter which links in with the Victron Solar Controller, for vehicle charging whist driving

  • We supplied a 280W portable solar panel (without a regulator) and a 5m solar cable with two yellow Anderson plugs on one end. The cable plugs in to the external yellow Anderson plug input and the 2nd Anderson allows for Gavin's own 280W portable panel (regulator was removed), to be plugged in, creating a 560W solar array Gavin can also use one of the panels for charging his vehicles' portable battery pack

  • We also added numerous grey Anderson plugs throughout the camper for additional accessories.

Keep up the power on your next adventure and get in touch.


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