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Commuter Conversion with Lithium

Mwarner's setting up her Hiace for some off grid adventure so we had her sorted to run a 40L Engle Fridge, charging of accessories and lights.

We installed:

  • Our compact but powerful The Lithium Box 100/40 Small featuring Redarc's 1240D BCDC Vehicle & Solar Charger and Victron's nifty Smart Shunt for remote Battery Monitoring on a Smart Device. For more information click here.

  • Victron's IP65 15A, 240V Charger

  • An Anderson Plug to a Fuse Box to power lights, water pump and accessories

  • Victron's 115W Solar Panel to the Van roof

  • National Lunar's Interior Dual Colour LED Surface Mount Lights - features a white light which can be switched to amber to deter insects

  • A 10W Exterior Flood light on the side of the Van

  • A handy Lead with a Cig Socket and Twin USB to inside Mwarner's Roof Top Tent for mobile phone and accessory charging overnight

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