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Conquering remote, lengthy stays with RV Lithium Systems

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

A member of the "Sea To Summit" Team, an award-winning West Aussie success story equipping and inspiring outdoor enthusiasts around the world, our client enjoys getting well away from it all and was in want of self-sustained adventures for extended periods.

Needing to keep a 90L National Lunar fridge cold, run lights, water pump, devices etc, this Conqueror Camper Owner was prepared to lose the entire under sink compartment to an RV Lithium Systems upgrade, BUT we managed to design a whopping 200Ah system to fit the original battery compartment.

After removing all of the original 2 x 100Ah AGM battery system, we literally thought outside of the box and made the system in two sections with the RVLSA Battery Pack sat in the base of the original battery compartment and the control electronics in a section above.

This Conqueror RV Lithium System includes:

  • Victron's IP22, 30A 240V Charger to keep the system in peak condition when on mains power and/or in storage

  • RV Lithium Systems 600W DCDC Converter linked to Victron's 30A MPPT Solar Controller to provide for 30A's Vehicle DCDC Charging. When the vehicle is not running, our newly installed external Solar Input for a portable panel can then input up to 30A's of solar power. Check out the gallery for a screenshot of this product performing at 100% from the vehicle.

  • Two of Victron's latest 140W Solar panels, wired in series to perform as one 280W panel, were mounted to the roof and linked to a Victron 20A MPPT Solar Controller. Check out the gallery for a screenshot of this product performing at 282 watts. Outstanding!

  • In went a new fuse box, multiple handy USB points throughout the camper and a super quiet and flexible Sirocco 12V Fan. Extra lighting was added with National Lunar's LED Strip lights which have an Amber light option to deter uninvited insect company after sunset

With our RV Lithium System now on board and, no doubt, some innovative, lightweight, well made, high performance Sea To Summit camping gear, this Conqueror's ready to oblige it's owners' adventures.

For a customised RV Lithium System solution to suit your lifestyle, contact

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