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Custom Lithium Lux

We see Brenton right with a discreet, high performance RV Lithium System to compliment this classy Custom Installations 4x4 Storage Solution in his Trimview Ceramics 2021 Dual Cab Hilux.

Using the supplied drawer system switch panel, we designed and built a custom 100Ah RV Lithium Battery System to include all the standard features of The Lithium Box 100/40, such as:

  • 100Ah RV Lithium Systems Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery with Cell Balancing and Cell Protection

  • Victron BMV 712 Bluetooth Battery Meter Display. Read the battery meter from the convenience of your smart phone Displays the battery’s voltage, amps in or out, amp hours consumed, time to go until flat, and actual State of Charge (SOC) as a percentage.

  • REDARC BCDC 1240D Vehicle 40A DC to DC Charger, protected by cell protection, including 40A MPPT Solar Charger with Red 50A Anderson Plug Input protected by cell protection

  • Master Battery Switch

  • Automatic 100A Low Battery State of Charge or Voltage Disconnect of accessory power sockets and Automatic Reconnect once the battery has received adequate charge

  • Internal Fusing and Output Short Circuit Protection

In this instance, our battery pack is mounted to the draw systems' face, which means all sockets, breakers and fuses are conveniently located behind the draw front face.

We wired up the switch panels to included a BMV Monitor, accessory sockets and fridge power and used PTC auto reset fuses for all accessories.

A rear and side mounted LED flood light and a red Anderson Plug Solar Input was mounted to the roof rack, with wiring run tidily through the roll bar, enabling a solar blanket to be positioned on the bonnet and/or windscreen .

A red Anderson Plug for Solar Input was also installed near the rear number plate for another portable solar panel or the option to locate the solar blanket at the rear, pending position to the sun.

In went an ARB Twin Head Compressor to the drivers side draws which used another Custom Installations switch panel to conceal the rear of the sockets etc.

Contact for a customised RV Lithium solution.


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