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Hidrive'n High-Tech Tradie

Keeping the tools of McGrade Electrical powered and ready for action, we custom built an RV Lithium System in a mere 152mm of space in Taylor's new Hidrive Canopy on his Hilux.

Designed as a wall mount system, Taylors RV Lithium System features:

  • Our 200Ah RV Lithium Systems LiFePO4 Battery

  • Victron's MultiPlus 12/1200VA Inverter to power 240V Appliances, which also incorporates a 50A, 240V Battery Charger,

  • A Victron's Orion Smart DCDC 30A Vehicle Charger

  • Victron's Smart Solar 20A MPPT Controller

  • A Victron 360W Solar Panel mounted to the roof of the canopy

  • A Touch panel with eight Channel switching for appliances, including a terminal block so Taylor can add appliances as required

  • Two Cig Sockets, a Twin USB and 50A Anderson Plug Outlet

  • 250A Master Switch

  • A 50A Grey Anderson Plug downrated to 10A to power a 40L Engel with modified Anderson Plug lead at the rear of the system

  • A Blue Anderson Plug Vehicle Input for Alternator Charging when the vehicle is running, also mounted to the rear of the system.

By unplugging the Blue Anderson Plug, the whole system becomes removeable and readily transferable to another vehicle if Taylor changes vehicles in the years ahead.

For an RV Lithium System tailored to your trade, enquire at


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