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Looks like it's Lithium for the Landcruiser too

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

After enjoying our RV Lithium System in his caravan for the past year, Ken returned to swap out his 79 Series AGM Dual Battery System.

Using the space where the AGM Battery once resided, we custom fit:

  • A 100Ah RV Lithium System Battery

  • Redarc's BCDC 1240D Vehicle & Solar Charger

  • Victron's BMV712 Bluetooth enabled Battery Monitor

along with

  • 1 x Vehicle Input Blue Anderson Plug

  • 2 x Solar Input Red Anderson Plugs (One for roof solar & one for portable solar)

  • 2 x Output Grey Anderson Plugs

  • 1 x Victron IP65 240V Charger lead to allow for the option of 240V Charging later

We also fixed a 130W Solar Panel to the roof to boost solar capacity in addition to the existing 120W Solar Panel.

With Ken's rig in the workshop, and the roof space of his caravan crowded with Solar Panels, we took the opportunity to solve the cumbersome task of setting up Ken's portable Satellite dish.

By mounting the latest model Oyster Vision V Satellite TV Receiver to the roof of the Cruiser, installing the Sat Display Control Panel in the canopy and supplying a 20m Sat Cable to plug in to the van, Ken can park in any advantageous spot for Sat reception without the routine of manually setting up a dish.

Another bonus with this particular Oyster Vision System is it comes with twin LNB (Sat receivers) so users have a Foxtel AND Vast Box for greater variety of viewing.

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