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Lose weight Off the Grid with Lithium

We shred 68kgs by removing 360Ah's of AGM Batteries and installing a custom 300Ah RV Lithium System (RVLSA), equivalent to 480Ah's of AGM battery power!

Fred's Kedron had sufficient and healthy existing solar input with five 130W hardwired panels, so we kept those and installed our custom RV Lithium System, along with our custom Battery Control Unit (BCU). Our custom BCU is designed to protect and keep the RVLSA battery in peak condition by switching off the caravans' power and Inverter output should the battery reach Low State of Charge (SOC) or low battery voltage BUT will still allow charging. When the battery reaches adequate SOC, our BCU switches the caravan and inverter power back on. Another feature of our custom BCU is the incorporation of a separate Charge BCU which will turn off all Chargers should over charge / over temperature occur.

Completing the switch from AGM to an RV Lithium System, we installed:

  • A Victron Multiplus 12/1600VA Compact which is a 1600VA Inverter and 70A Charger with unnoticeable Auto Change Over from mains 240V input to Inverter output. This allows off-the-grid use of the microwave or coffee machine or toaster or kettle and other 240V appliances.

  • Victron's Smart BMV-712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor which links to our BCU. This Battery Monitor can also be conveniently read anywhere from a Bluetooth enabled Device.

  • A Victron 50A Smart Solar MPPT Solar Controller for the roof solar panels and a red Anderson Plug on the side of the van for Auxiliary Solar Panel input.

  • A Victron 30A Smart Orion DCDC charger to take advantage of charging from the vehicle whilst driving.

  • A Victron Cerbo Unit which has the technology to connect all Victron and RVLSA devices together, forming one system where all products 'talk' to each other to know and act according to what the other is doing. The Victron Cerbo also connects via WiFi to the Victron VRM website for remote monitoring, servicing and alarms and gives a live view of the system from any authorised PC, Android or Apple phone or tablet in the world.

Power your Off-the-Grid Adventures with an RV Lithium System tailored to you. Contact


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