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NEW MODEL! The Lithium Box 200/40/Ryan

Aside from being a powerful, reliable, quality piece of equipment, our Portable Lithium Battery Systems can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle when changing vehicles, or in Ryan's case, from his 200 Series Landcruiser to his Toy Hauler, as needed.

Based on the two different setups, we customised a version of The Lithium Box 200/40 so Ryan could run an 80L Engle fridge/freezer in the Cruiser, and then an 85L Upright Bushman fridge in the Toyhauler, plus the usual lighting, phone and accessory charging. 

We also build an Inverter equipped version of The Lithium Box 200/40, featuring a Victron 1200VA Inverter, however Ryan isn't wanting to run 240V appliances.

Ryan's, TLB200/40 includes: 

  • A 200Ah RV Lithium Systems (RVLSA) LifeP04 Battery 

  • A 240A continuous (500A Surge) Battery Control Unit with low and high cell voltage and temperature protection

  • A Victron BMV 712 Smart Bluetooth Battery Monitor 

  • A separate 100A Load Output BCU linked to a Victron Battery Monitor (BMV 712) to control all output sockets for low State of Charge (SOC) and low voltage protection. This means it shuts offf all outputs but still allows charging until the battery receives adequate charge and then the outputs automatically come back on.

  • Redarc's BCDC1240D 40A Vehicle and Solar Charger 

  • Victron's IP65 25A 240V Charger input plug, for optional 240V charging  

  • 1 x Blue 50A Anderson plug for vehicle charging 

  • 2 x Yellow 50A Anderson plugs for solar charging, one on the front and one on the rear, so one can be plugged in to a fixed roof solar panel and the other a portable panel.

  • 2 x Grey 50A Anderson plug outlets 

  • 2 x Engel / Dometic / Arb fridge sockets 

  • 2 x Cig/Accessory sockets and a plug-in twin USB plug. 

  • Dimensions: L500mm (including feet) x W185mm x H325mm

  • Weight: 25kg 


Ryan complimented his custom TLB200-40 by adding: 

  • A Victron IP65 12V 25A Smart Bluetooth 240V Battery Charger, which we programmed to feature an RVLSA Custom Storage Mode to keep TLB in peak condition during storage. 

  • Redarc's 200W Portable Folding Solar Panel which features highly efficient Monocrystalline cells and adjustable legs for angling towards the sun. We also made Ryan a lead with a grey Anderson plug to plug into the panel, and a yellow Anderson plug to plug into TLB200-40.  

We currently have ten models of The Lithium Box in our Standard Range and, because they are made-to-order, we can customise to suit your particular needs.  

For further information, visit here and contact us for enquires.




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