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New Power for the NewGen

After seeing brother Rod’s RV Lithium Systems in his new Ranger and then his Golf Tourer caravan, Darryl and wife Donna bought their Newgen R19 caravan in for similar treatment.

If you missed Rod’s set-up, you can catch up here.

Looking to run a Coffee machine, toaster, kettle, single induction cooker, three-way fridge and other 240V appliances, we made some adjustments to the existing system and built a custom RV Lithium System to suit their off-grid needs.

The Newgen’s original system included a Projecta PM300 30A all-in-one unit, which is a 240V / Solar / Vehicle Charger with LED display, and two 120Ah AGM Batteries mounted outside of the van.

We removed the AGM Batteries from outside van and, as we had done for Rod, disconnected the PM300 unit from all charging but retained it to perform as a fuse box and tank monitor.

A check measure or two later, we found a suitable location for the new system under a lounge seat, removing a drawer and replacing the opening with a vent for good airflow.

Darryl & Donna’s RV Lithium system was designed and built featuring:

  • A custom built 300Ah RV Lithium Systems Battery Pack with a Victron 2000VA Multiplus Compact Inverter which includes a built-in 80A 240V Charger. We added in Victron’s V.E.Bus, which is a Bluetooth dongle for transmitting accurate battery temperature and battery voltage to all chargers (solar, vehicle (DC) and 240V)

  • A Victron BMV712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor, Van Power and Remote Inverter Switches mounted in an overhead cupboard

  • A 20A Victron Bluetooth Solar Controller linked to a new 175W and two 115W Victron Solar Panels, plumbed in with new wiring, and a 20A Victron Bluetooth Solar Controller linked to an existing two 170W Solar Panels. Total Roof Solar Capacity = 745W configured to fit the available space

  • An RVLSA 600W DCDC Charger linked to a 30a Victron Smart Solar Controller for vehicle charging whilst driving and the option to plug in an external portable Solar Panel via a Yellow Anderson Plug in an enclosure on the side of van

Again, all Chargers are linked to the V.E.Bus Bluetooth Dongle for synchronised charging.

Contact us to enquire about an RV Lithium System right for you.


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