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Off-The-Grid Plug & Play Power Points

In preparation for travel around Australia, our clients wanted their New Age Caravan to power household appliances when on battery power, so here's what we did.

With a single 100Ah AGM Battery slung underneath this Bilby Caravan, we naturally needed to find a more secure and suitable position for our replacement 200Ah RV Lithium Systems Battery Pack, which we managed to squeeze in at the base of the pantry.

Using Victron's Multiplus Compact 12/1600VA/70A Inverter/Charger with AC transfer switch, power points throughout the van can run household appliances and switch seamlessly between battery and shore power.

To monitor the battery we installed Victron's BMV 712 battery monitor and , after adding three 115W Victron Solar panels to the vans existing 150W panel, we linked the panels to Victron's 30A MPPT Smart Solar Controller.

An additional Victron 30A MPPT Solar Controller was linked to an RV Lithium Systems 600W DCDC Converter to facilitate 30A's of Vehicle Charging whilst the vehicle is attached and running or 30A's of solar from a freshly installed external Red Solar Input for a Portable Solar Panel.

A couple of Sirocco fans also went in, as did USB ports throughout for convenient charging of devices.

Australia awaits!

For a customised off-the-grid power solution right for you, contact


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