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Patrol Y62. Custom Storage. Custom Power.

For a good while now, we've been collaborating with Chris and the team from Custom Overland Solutions (formerly Custom Installations), setting up fourbies to pack and power our client's gear for getaways. Always an A-grade fit out, COS have now designed a custom false floor for the Y62 Patrol, creating a nice level space for the rear, perfect for mounting fridges, removable draws or even COS's full custom drawers.

Back at our workshop, The Lithium Box 100-COS-Y62 was custom built to suit the false floor, and fits neatly under the front of the floor, with full access to the system when the seats are folded forward. The system is "full stealth" when the seats are up.

This unit packs a punch, with up to 42A of charge input from the vehicle or solar. This means a battery recharge from 80% discharged, to full in 2 hours - all in just a 15kg pack!

When connected to a smart device via the Victron Connect App (Bluetooth), The Lithium Box data is displayed for monitoring, such as:

  • State of charge

  • Current (amps) either in or out of battery

  • Consumed amp hours (amps that you have used since last full)

  • Estimated time until empty, with current load

  • Start battery voltage (Y62's Starter battery)

  • Loads of historical data in History Tab

  • Trends. Eg. battery voltage vs state of charge, in minute, hours and up to 180 days.

The Lithium Box 100-COS-Y62 features:

  • 100Ah RVLSA battery with separate charge and load control, which enables battery output to be switched off, while still allowing the system to charge. Battery outputs are switched back on when enough battery capacity has been reached

  • Redarc Core 40 DC Charger

  • Victron Smart Shunt Bluetooth Battery Monitor

  • 50A Blue Anderson plug for vehicle input

  • 50A Yellow Anderson plug for solar input (no additional solar controller required)

  • 2 Pin Deutsch plug for vehicle ignition trigger for the Y62's smart alternator.

  • 50A Grey Anderson plug output (50A max)

  • 50A Black Anderson plug, with 10A PTC fuse for fridge connection (10A max)

  • 2 x sockets, choice of cig or Engel Owner Malcolm chose to have 2 cig sockets for accessories because his 60L ARB fridge has a grey Anderson plug fitted and this can be plugged into the black Anderson plug (black is the only other colour of genuine plug that will plug into a genuine grey Anderson plug).

  • Victron IP65 240V charge plug, for optional Victron 240V Charger (5 to 15A)

Malcolm has just said goodbye to his old, long term patrol which was set up for camping only and included a 60A RVLSA Lithium system, we fitted back in 2016.

With the Y62 now his daily driver, Malcolm is keeping the cargo area free for everday life, but now has the ability to throw the fridge and camping in when needed - just plug in and go.

We also added a 50A Yellow Anderson plug for solar input connection at the front of the Patrol, for an easy external, portable solar panel connection. Malcolm bought a Victron IP65 15A Charger from us previously, to keep the old Patrol's 60A Lithium Pack charged when he travels overseas and stores his car, and the TLB100-COS-Y62 comes with the Victron IP65 240V charge plug to do the same.

So Malcolm can find a cold beverage better at night, we also installed a National Luna LED light in the tail gate. These are a great light featuring three levels of brightness in both white and amber to reduce bug attraction.

For an A-Grade storage solution for your rig, get in touch with Chris and the team at Custom Overland Solutions.

For an RV Lithium System to power your adventures, contact us.


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