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Powering the Patriot

Back in 2019, we made James one of our portable Lithium Battery systems, The Lithium Box (TLB), customised as a 72Ah unit for his 200 Series Landcruiser.

With The Lithium Box going strong, James came back to us with his 2015 Patriot Camper, featuring an early Redarc Manager BMS-1215 which was having some display issues, plus a tired 120Ah Fullriver AGM battery.

 So we removed the battery, the BMS-1215, BMS display and all the associated wiring, and installed The Lithium Box 100-40 Small and a Victron IP65 12V 15A Smart Bluetooth 240V Charger, perfect for storing TLB or charging when on 240V.

When driving TLB charges via the vehicle’s Anderson plug, and when parked up, via portable (in this instance) solar panels.

TLB and the 240V Charger both use the super handy Victron Connect Bluetooth App to give all battery and charge information via a Smart device.

Having removed the old BMS-1215 display, we installed a pair of Twin QC3 USB Chargers which added some extra accessory charging capability and tidied up the panel.

Check out all the features of The Lithium Box 100/40 Small and contact us to see yourself powered up on your next adventure.



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