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SCOREpion: The Name of a JB Scorpion Sting which has scored an RV Lithium System 🤣

Running low on power to bulk freeze their northwest fishing successes, as well as keep numerous appliances going for extended stays off grid, this client bought in their caravan for a do-over.

We removed the factory system which included two 100Ah Sealed Lithium batteries mounted outside and under the van, a Redarc BMS1230 under one seat and a Projecta 2000W Inverter mounted under another seat – which, by the way, means the system doesn't work efficiently due to volt drop when components are at distances to each other. The Scorpion Sting also came with three 160W Solar Panels equalling 480W’s

Our task was to design and build a system to keep up with:

  • A 218L Dometic 12V/240V Fridge/Freezer

  • A 40L Engel Fridge

  • A 90L National Lunar Fridge (to be used as fridge/freezer for those all-important fish dinners)

  • TV

  • Stereo

  • Satellite System

  • Fans

  • Computer

  • Cel-Fi Go Mobile Signal Booster

  • Toaster

  • Kettle

  • Charging of mobile phones, tablets, and drones

Firstly, we solved the scattering of equipment by removing a small drawer and fitting the entire system under a single seat, so it can run as efficiently as possible, without volt drop.

The new RV Lithium System (RVLSA) features:

  • A 400Ah RVLSA custom Battery with a custom 500A continuous Battery Control Unit (BCU) to protect the battery or cell from high or low voltage, high or low temperature and low state of charge. The BCU also controls charger input of up to 500A’s from solar, 20V and vehicle charging and separately controls the caravan power output of up to 100A, while also allowing up to 400A of Inverter output, giving a total of up to 500A’s continuous. Furthermore, the BCU links to the Battery Monitor to control outputs by switching them off if the battery percentage or voltage is too low.

  • A Black Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor

  • A Victron Multiplus 12/3000 which features a 3000VA Inverter and a 240V, 120A Charger with AC Transfer switch, allowing for seamless power via the 240V power points from either mains power or the Inverter.

  • A Victron V.E.Bus Dongle installed to the Multiplus, enabling it to be monitored remotely on a smart device using the Victron Connect App. The dongle also cleverly transmits accurate battery voltage and temperature to the Multiplus and Solar Controllers for synchronised charging as one complete system.

  • Two Victron Smart Solar Bluetooth MPPT 100/30 Solar Controllers with one linked to the existing solar panels and the other to new ones. Incidentally, we only managed to get 27.30A’s out of the existing 480W array of panels but got 26.5A’s out of an additional 390W array of new Victron Panels made up of two 140W and two 55W’s! The total roof solar is now 870W and we saw 53.8A’s coming in at 11am on an April day where the sun sits lower on the horizon, so even greater figures can be expected from November to February.

  • An RVLSA 600W DCDC Charger linked to a Victron Smart Solar Controller for external solar input via an external 50A Yellow Plug and Vehicle Charging via a 50A Grey Anderson Plug. This facilitates 30A’s of charge from either the vehicle when running or a portable solar panel. This arrangement is also networked to the other solar controllers and Multiplus for synchronised charging.

  • Air Vents to provide good ventilation of the Victron equipment.

  • Two USB plugs near the beds and one in an overhead cupboard

  • Two Engel sockets outside of the caravan for those extra fridges

Get in touch to discuss a custom system designed specific to your needs.


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