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The Lithium Box to the Rescue

A Fire Rescue vehicle in a previous life, Luke's Defender is geared for recreation these days, especially with the addition of "The Lithium Box", our Portable Lithium Battery System.
The Lithium Box 100/40 375VA

Keeping the Engel and some lights powered up, this model of The Lithium Box comes with our 100Ah RV Lithium Systems Battery, 40A Redarc BCDC 1240D Vehicle & Solar Charger and a Victron Phoenix 375VA Inverter to run small household appliances.

The canopy is removeable from the Defender so we wired The Lithium Box with an unpluggable Grey Anderson Plug and installed a five-way power board to the Inverter with an IEC Plug. An IEC plug provides a more secure connection so the power board plug doesn't fall out with the vibrations and movement of off road travel.

All models of The Lithium Box come with a Victron IP65 240V Charger plug so Luke opted to purchase the 15A version which comes pre-programmed with our Custom Storage Profile.

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